From the Front Lines to the Bread Lines: Food Poverty Among Veterans

by Astrid Spota; Áine Duggan; Gail Quets

Nov 7, 2011
On November 11, 2011, many families and communities around the country will gather to participate in annual celebrations, ceremonies, parades and other events to recognize the Veterans Day holiday. This year, many of our neighbors will be nurturing excitement in anticipation of President Obama's promise to bring troops home from Iraq in time for the holiday season. And, in a few short weeks, as the media fills our living rooms with images of Thanksgiving festivities and joy, we will collectively watch the scenes of reuniting families -- children, parents, partners and friends waving, crying, laughing and running into the long-missed arms of returning soldiers. Each of us will smile in a silent moment of recognizing and feeling their joy, their relief. And then the cameras will switch off, leaving us lulled into serenity, like a Hollywood blockbuster with the "happy ever after" conclusion to a story that is oft times just beginning.

From the Front Lines to the Bread Lines aims to keep the cameras rolling and raise awareness so the rest of the story can be told and heard. Offering a specific portal through which we can witness the difficulties some veterans encounter as they reintegrate into life at home, this special report illustrates that for many, coming home from the front lines represents the engagement of a formidable foe; long after the homecoming fanfare and flag waving, many returning soldiers will be lost amid the ranks of fellow veterans struggling to combat the stealth and silent approach of a new enemy; food poverty.
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